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The Grand Lodge of the Elks has a fund called the Elks National Foundation of which only the interest is ever spent.  All Lodges are eligible to get Grants from this fund to help in their own communities.

Beaumont Lodge has been able to help with backpacks for Homeless Veterans, assist with the Orange County Special Angels Rodeo, host an awards dance for the three school’s ROTC members, host a Christmas party for a local Veterans group, purchase back to school clothing for the boys at Boys’ Haven and several other projects in and around Beaumont.

In 2019 we received a $10,000 Grant to rebuild an existing cottage at Boys’ Haven to allow the boys that reside there to have a community area where they can eat together, build relationships and learn together. 

The community has rallied to assist the Elks with this project by donating time and expertise during the process.  A call went out for help on demolition day and 47 volunteers from the Elks, Praise Church, the Boy Scouts Venture Crew that is sponsored by the Elks Lodge and the staff from Boys’ Haven and their Board showed up to go to work.  What a wonderful experience this was and a day’s work was done in less than 3 hours.

 Each month members of the Elks go to Boys’ Haven and teach them something that they might have learned at home in a normal situation.  Some of the topics have been how to grill, changing fluids in a vehicle, social skills and applying for a job, budgeting, minor plumbing repairs, building a box for outside toys and cooking their own pizzas.

As the room in the cottage is completed further by the contractor, the Elks and their friends will be going back to paint and decorate the space.  We plan to rebuild the kitchen in the cottage next year.

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